• Oceanic Wellness (map)
  • 828 10th Street E
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Canada

Experience Acupuncture and Reiki in a community setting

Tune yourself up and tune into SPRING with Sage Earth Acupuncture and Jackie Jenson.

Sage Earth Acupuncture and Jackie Jenson will be providing a group treatment. Each person will learn about the element of the season, how it relates to their body, and how to identify when it is out of balance. 
Focus will be on the Wood element of Spring which involves the Liver & Gallbladder.  

Acupuncture will be provided by Dayna Meier. She will do a basic liver/gb tune up to get your body in tune with the season. The acupuncturist may adjust the treatment to any specific complaints you have. 

Jackie Jenson will be providing Reiki earth energetics for each person. This may be while you have acupuncture needles in, or while you are waiting for acupuncture. She will include some qi gong or yogic postures to enhance effects. 

Herbal tea will be served. Handouts will be provided on how to tune yourself to the season of spring. 

$20 per person

Session 1: 6:30-7:30

Session 2: 8:00-9:00